Web Creator


Welcome to the IT world.

Software Develop

Innovative Ideas

Deliver services to our customers who will be the spearhead
for their buisness.


Web based aplications.

Construction of simple websites.
Client-Server applications for  your business.
Platform as a Service PaaS architechtures.


Air defence C2 systems.

We want to build modern Air Command and Control Computer Intelligence
Systems to enable automatic tasking, planning and managment
of modern UAVs.

Work with us!

Are you Computer Science freak?

If you are a student or you have a Computer Science degree come to work
with us. Oldbird is a new startup looking for the best of the best, skillful people
to create a team. We want to achieve unfeasible.
We will redesign the future.


We give life to your ideas. 

One of our big points is responsiveness and Oldbird will makes your business getting better giving life to your ideas. Creating great frameworks for small and large business. We create advanced internet services for your business.


Google has a highly exhaustive list everything.

The Achilles heel of any modern business is the managment of human resources. We create and introduce modern network human and project resource - tracking managment .


Cooperate with the best

We have the best solutions and servers for everyone to handle the Data. If you want servers or to build a network storage area then we giving great solutions.


We are getting involved with defence software's. 

Creating the best and most secured softwares. Air Command and Control systems are the future. We create and implement secure protocols for reliable data transfer to airplane or UAV's. Controlling UAV's is the advantage for every modern army.

Web Security

Security is Everithing.

Protect your data. Use reliable application. Create firewalls for your environment. Defend the outsiders.


Oldbird Company is a startup project.

Oldbird Startup

The Oldbird Startup is a company which deals with software development. Our goal is to develop innovative ideas so that they can become competitive on the market. In addition we are able to offer services to customers who will be the spearhead for their business.


Who we are?

This is a startup project with prospectives .This is a bet with ourselves and we want to win. It is a bet that we want to achieve. We want to make the best modern enterprise. We want to get to the top and you will succeed. We believe in creating a highly competitive company in the field of IT sector.There is ideas that will bring our company closer peoples and our customers.

About Us!

We want to overcome all the obstacles in time of crisis and to create something new. We want to create opportunities for young people who want to work hard and do something unexpected. We are bringing to market new projects that will be competitive. We want to ependisoume in IT and Internet sector. Our company is an experiment to create reliable software and out of the large countries.

Join US!.

If you want to follow us at the start of the projects try the link below. The requirements to work with us are willness and imagination to create. If you have a doctorate in computer science or master's degree in computer science, or university degrees in computer science and you enjoy the programming do not hesitate to follow us.


Background image with solid color overlay and parallax effect. Develop fully responsive, mobile-ready websites that look amazing on any devices and browsers. Preview how your website will appear on phones, tablets and desktops directly in the visual editor.


Find your future web sites and applications for your business with sharp design and refine coded functions.